Books By Author


~ A ~

Akutagawa, Ryūnosuke – Kappa ..[thoughts]

Akutagawa, Ryūnosuke – Hell Screen ..[thoughts]

Albertalli, Becky – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda ..[thoughts]

Albom, Mitch – For One More Day ..[thoughts]

Albom, Mitch – The Five People You Meet In Heaven ..[thoughts]

Allende, Isabel – The Sum of Our Days ..[thoughts]

Angelou, Maya – A Song Flung Up To Heaven ..[thoughts]

Anonymous – Go Ask Alice ..[thoughts]

Armstrong, Karen – A Short History of Myth ..[thoughts]

Atwood, Margaret – The Handmaid’s Tale ..[thoughts]

Atwood, Margaret – Good Bones ..[thoughts]

Atwood, Margaret –The Penelopiad ..[thoughts]

Auster, Paul – The New York Trilogy ..[thoughts]

Aw, Tash – The Harmony Silk Factory ..[thoughts]

~ B ~

Bagieu, Pénélope – Exquisite Corpse ..[thoughts]

Baker, Nicholson – The Anthologist ..[thoughts]

Ban, Toshio – The Osamu Tezuka Story ..[thoughts]

Barbery, Muriel – The Gourmet ..[thoughts]

Bartlett, Allison Hoover – The Man Who Loved Books Too Much ..[thoughts]

Bechdel, Alison – Fun Home ..[thoughts]

Bennett, Alan – The Uncommon Reader ..[thoughts]

Bradbury, Ray – Fahrenheit 451 ..[thoughts]

Breen, Susan – The Fiction Class ..[thoughts]

Brown, Dan – The Lost Symbol ..[thoughts]

Buck, Pearl S. – The Good Earth ..[thoughts]

Busfield, Andrea – Born Under a Million Shadows ..[thoughts]

~ C ~

Camus, Albert – The Outsider ..[thoughts]

Capote, Truman – Breakfast at Tiffany’s ..[thoughts]

Carroll, Lewis – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass ..[thoughts]

Cart, Michael (ed.) – How Beautiful the Ordinary ..[thoughts]

Carter, Angela – The Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural History ..[thoughts]

Chambers, Veronica – Kickboxing Geishas ..[thoughts]

Chang, Eileen – Love in a Fallen City ..[thoughts]

Clarke, Susanna – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ..[thoughts]

Cormier, Robert – The Chocolate War ..[thoughts]

Coelho, Paulo – The Alchemist ..[thoughts]

Crofts, Andrew – Confessions of a Ghostwriter ..[thoughts]

~ D ~

Dahl, Roald – James and the Giant Peach ..[thoughts]

Dahl, Roald – Matilda ..[thoughts]

Dahl, Roald – The Witches ..[thoughts]

DeGeneres, Ellen – My Point… And I Do Have One ..[thoughts]

Delisle, Guy – Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea ..[thoughts]

Diamant, Anita – The Red Tent ..[thoughts]

Díaz, Junot – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao ..[thoughts]

Donoghue, Emma – Room ..[thoughts]

Duhigg, Charles – The Power Of Habit

~ E ~

Eggers, Dave – The Circle ..[thoughts]

Eisner, Will – The Name of the Game ..[thoughts]

Endō, Shūsaku – Five by Endo ..[thoughts]

Endō, Shūsaku – Silence ..[thoughts]

Ensler, Eve – The Good Body ..[thoughts]

Eugenides, Jeffrey – The Virgin Suicides ..[thoughts]

~ F ~

Fforde, Jasper – Shades of Grey ..[thoughts]

Fitzgerald, Scott – The Great Gatsby ..[thoughts]

Foer, Jonathan Safran – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ..[thoughts]

~ G ~

Gaarder, Jostein – Sophie’s World ..[thoughts]

Gaiman, Neil and McKean, Dave – Signal to Noise ..[thoughts]

Golden, Arthur – Memoirs of a Geisha ..[thoughts]

Gong, Ji-Young – Our Happy Time ..[thoughts]

Gribbin, John and Mary – The Science of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials ..[thoughts]

Guo, Xiaolu – The Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers ..[thoughts]

~ H ~

Ha Jin – Waiting ..[thoughts]

Haddon, Mark – A Spot of Bother ..[thoughts]

Harris, Thomas – The Red Dragon ..[thoughts]

Hegamin, Tonya Cherie – M+O 4EVR ..[thoughts]

Heller, Zoe – Notes on a Scandal ..[thoughts]

Hornby, Nick – Housekeeping VS The Dirt ..[thoughts]

Holmqvist, Ninni – The Unit ..[thoughts]

Hosseni, Khaled – The Kite Runner ..[thoughts]

Huxley, Aldous – Brave New World ..[thoughts]

~ I ~

Ibrahim, Zaid – I, Too, Am Malay ..[thoughts]

Ishiguro, Kazuo – A Pale View of Hills ..[thoughts] [thoughts2]

Ishiguro, Kazuo – An Artist of the Floating World ..[thoughts]

Ishiguro, Kazuo – Never Let Me Go ..[thoughts]

Ishiguro, Kazuo –Nocturnes ..[thoughts]

Ishiguro, Kazuo –When We Were Orphans ..[thoughts]

~ J ~

~ K ~

Kawabata, Yasunari – Snow Country ..[thoughts]

Kawabata, Yasunari – The Old Capital ..[thoughts]

Keller, Michael – Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation ..[thoughts]

Keyes, Daniel – Flowers for Algernon ..[thoughts]

Khan, Nadia – Kelabu ..[thoughts]

Khan, Nadia – Pakar

Khong Kim Hoong – Merdeka! British Rule and the Struggle for Independence in Malaya 1945-1957 ..[thoughts]

King, Stephen – On Writing ..[thoughts]

Kiyosaki, Robert T.  – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Krauss, Nicole – The History of Love ..[thoughts]

~ L ~

Lahiri, Jhumpa – Interpreter of Maladies ..(1)[thoughts] ..(2)[thoughts]

Lahiri, Jhumpa – The Namesake ..[thoughts]

Lane, Nick – Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution ..[thoughts]

Levitt, Steven D. and Dubner, Stephen J. – Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything ..[thoughts]

Lewycka, Marina – A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian ..[thoughts]

Liu, Cixin – The Three-Body Problem ..[thoughts]

Loh, Vyvyane – Breaking the Tongue ..[thoughts]

Love, Jeremy – Bayou ..[thoughts]

~ M ~

Martel, Yann – Life of Pi ..[thoughts]

McCarthy, Cormac – The Road ..[thoughts]

McDonough, William and Braungart, Michael – Cradle to Cradle ..[thoughts]

McEwan, Ian – On Chesil Beach ..[thoughts]

McEwan, Ian – Saturday ..[thoughts]

McIvor, John – The Crime is Stupidity ..[thoughts]

Minato, Kanae – Confessions ..[thoughts]

Mishima, Yukio – Madame de Sade ..[thoughts]

Mistry, Rohinton – A Fine Balance ..[thoughts]

Mitchell, David – Cloud Atlas ..[thoughts]

Mitchell, David – number9dream ..[thoughts]

Miura, Tetsuo – Shame in the Blood ..[thoughts]

Miyabe, Miyuki – Shadow Family ..[thoughts]

Miyamoto, Teru – Kinshu: Autumn Brocade ..[thoughts]

Mohamad, Dr Mahathir – Terrorism and the Real Issues ..[thoughts]

Mohsin, Hamid – The Reluctant Fundamentalist ..[thoughts]

Moon, Fábio and Bá, Gabriel – Daytripper ..[thoughts]

Moore, Alan – V for Vendetta ..[thoughts]

Morrison, Toni – The Bluest Eye ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – After Dark ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – after the quake ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – Dance Dance Dance ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – Hear The Wind Sing ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – Norwegian Wood ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – Sputnik Sweetheart ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – The Wind-up Bird Chronicle ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Haruki – What I Talk About When I Talk About Running ..[thoughts][thoughts]

Murakami, Ryū – Almost Transparent Blue ..[thoughts]

Murakami, Ryū – From the Fatherland, With Love ..[thoughts]

Murdoch, Iris – Something Special ..[thoughts]

~ N ~

Nabokov, Vladimir – Lolita ..[thoughts]

Natsume, Soseki – I Am A Cat ..[thoughts]

Niffenegger, Audrey – The Time Traveler’s Wife ..[thoughts]

~ O ~

Ōe, Kenzaburō – A Quiet Life ..[thoughts]

Ōe, Kenzaburō – A Personal Matter ..[thoughts]

Ogawa, Yoko – Hotel Iris [thoughts]

Ogawa, Yoko – The Diving Pool ..(1)[thoughts]

Ogawa, Yoko – The Housekeeper and the Professor ..[thoughts]

Ondaatje, Michael – The English Patient ..[thoughts]

~ P ~

Palahniuk, Chuck – Fight Club ..[thoughts]

Polansky, Steven – The Bradbury Report ..[thoughts]

Prose, Francine – Reading Like a Writer ..[thoughts]

Proulx, Annie – Brokeback Mountain ..[thoughts]

Proulx, Annie; McMurtry, Larry; Ossana, Diana – Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay ..[thoughts]

Pullman, Philip – His Dark Materials: Northern Lights ..[thoughts]

Pullman, Philip – His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife ..[thoughts]

Pullman, Philip – His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass ..[thoughts]

Pullman, Philip – The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ ..[thoughts]

~ Q ~

~ R ~

Richardson, CS – The End of the Alphabet ..[thoughts]

Ronson, Jon – The Psychopath Test

Roth, Philip – Portnoy’s Complaint ..[thoughts]

~ S ~

Sachar, Louis – The Boy Who Lost His Face ..[thoughts]

Sagan, Françoise – Bonjour Tristesse ..[thoughts]

Saramago, José – Blindness ..[thoughts]

Saramago, José – Cain ..[thoughts]

Saramago, José – Seeing ..[thoughts]

Satrapi, Marjane – Embroideries ..[thoughts]

Satrapi, Marjane – Persepolis ..[thoughts]

Savage, Sam – Firmin ..[thoughts]

Sedaris, David – Holidays on Ice ..[thoughts]

Segal, Erich – Love Story ..[thoughts]

Shriver, Lionel – We Need To Talk About Kevin ..[quote], [thoughts]

Small, David – Stitches ..[thoughts]

Smith, Ali – Girl Meets Boy ..[thoughts]

Smith, Ali – There but for the ..[thoughts]

Smith, Greg – Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story ..[thoughts]

Smith, Jeff – Bone Vol 1: Out from Boneville ..[thoughts]

Snyder, Blake – Save The Cat!

Spagnoli, Cathy (ed.) – Asian Tales and Tellers ..[thoughts]

Steinback, John – Of Mice and Men ..[thoughts]

Stevenson, Robert Louis – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ..[thoughts]

Stoker, Bram – Dracula ..[thoughts]

Süskind, Patrick – On Love and Death ..[thoughts]

Süskind, Patrick – Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer ..[thoughts]

Swarup, Vikas – Six Suspects ..[thoughts]

Swift, Jonathan – A Modest Proposal ..[thoughts]

~ T ~

Tamaki, Mariko and Jillian – Skim ..[thoughts]

Tartt, Donna – The Secret History ..[thoughts]

Tan, Amy – The Bonesetter’s Daughter ..[thoughts]

Tan, Shaun – The Arrival ..[thoughts]

Tan, Shaun – The Red Tree ..[thoughts]

Tan Twan Eng – The Gift of Rain ..[thoughts]

Tanizaki, Jun’ichiro – In Praise of Shadows ..[thoughts]

Tay, Siew Siang – Handpicked ..[thoughts]

Tezuka, Osamu – Apollo’s Song

Thompson, Craig – Blankets ..[thoughts]

Thompson, Craig – Habibi ..[thoughts]

Thomson, Rupert – Death of a Murderer ..[thoughts]

Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Hobbit ..[thoughts]

Tomine, Adrian – Shortcomings ..[thoughts]

Tong, Su – Binu and the Great Wall ..[thoughts]

Townsend, Sue – The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year

~ U ~

~ V ~

Vincent, Norah – Self-Made Man ..[thoughts]

Vies, Mamü – Dog Pound …[thoughts]

~ W ~

Walker, Alice – The Color Purple ..[thoughts]

Waters, Sarah – The Night Watch ..[thoughts]

Waters, Sarah – Fingersmith ..[thoughts]

Wells, H.G. – The Invisible Man ..[thoughts]

Wilde, Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray ..[thoughts]

Winick, Judd – Pedro and Me ..[thoughts]

Winterson, Jeanette – Sexing the Cherry ..[thoughts]

Winterson, Jeanette –The PowerBook ..[thoughts]

Winterson, Jeanette –The Stone Gods ..[thoughts]

Winterson, Jeanette –Weight ..[thoughts]

Wu, Fan – Beautiful As Yesterday ..[thoughts]

Wu, Fan – February Flowers ..[thoughts]

~ X ~

Xinran – Mesasge From An Unknown Chinese Mother ..[thoughts]

Xinran – Miss Chopsticks ..[thoughts]

~ Y ~

Yalom, Irvin – When Nietzsche Wept ..[thoughts]

Yamada, Taichi – Strangers ..[thoughts]

Yan, Mo – Red Sorghum ..[thoughts]

Yang, Gene Luen – American Born Chinese

Yates, Richard – The Easter Parade ..[thoughts]

Yates, Richard – Revolutionary Road ..[thoughts]

Yoshimoto, Banana – N.P. ..[thoughts]

~ Z ~

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz – The Shadow of the Wind ..[thoughts]

Zusak, Markus – The Book Thief ..[thoughts]


Yūsei Matsui – Assassination Classroom ..[thoughts]


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  • e says:

    If you did architecture, read the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Architecture is the vehicle for the character and Rand to express their political views. You’ll like it!!

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