The Crime is Stupidity – John McIvor

July 10, 2009 § Leave a comment


I picked this book up at the local library because I found the title very catchy. The blurb on the back of the book starts with:

All weapons, no matter how complex, eventually fall into the wrong hands..

This novel is mainly about international terrorism, about the possibilities, about what could happen in the very near future, should world leaders refuse to acknowledge the dangers of creating more nuclear weapons, or more fondly referred to as “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, WMD in the book.

The central figure is a guy called Jason, who has been sending out warnings to the authorities about terrorism, and about how completely unready we all are should there be an attack.

I have to say, though I started with high hopes for this book, it all fell apart for me. The book read more like a huge dose of facts and speculations, with too many in-depth descriptions of what an attack could possibly be, and in what way it could be carried out.

The big chunk of information that the author was trying to get through would probably have come across a lot stronger if the storyline was more interesting, but hardly was a plot ever there. Mostly, there were conversations being carried out between two men, without ever investigating either characters any deeper than their physical attendance in that one particular scene.

There were some interesting bits of conversation, and some very smart phrases being said by some characters in the story. But it was still lacking in the end.

Conclusion: Not really my cup of tea, though it does provide some food for thought, especially regarding how generally ill-prepared we are to face catastrophe and human destruction of any kind.


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