Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates

January 10, 2011 § 9 Comments

It’s been such a long time since my last post on something I read, I’m not sure I remember how to do this anymore. This book by Yates is the last book of 2010, and it simply means my year ended beautifully. I’ve only read two by Yates so far, the other being The Easter Parade, which I also loved. So that basically means, Yates is fast becoming a favourite.

This post is going to be a little unfair to Revolutionary Road, because I’m going to be mixing it with an end-of-year sort of post as well. But seriously speaking, I probably don’t know what to say about Revolutionary Road, other than that it was an exceptional read.

Typically, I would have tagged some of my favourite phrases from the book, but for some reason or other, I completely forgot to do so when reading this. It wasn’t that there weren’t any good phrases, because there were plenty. In fact, it was the opening that so captured me, I sacrificed a book I already had in my hand so that I could borrow this instead. The picture of the theatre was painted so well, it was almost real for me. It was as if I was sitting there at their rehearsal, feeling their tension and excitement and anticipation. I could see the curtains and the stage and the rows and rows of seats. I could see the lights and smoke and shadows.

Honestly, I think anyone would be able to tell by now how drawn I was to the opening scene. (I haven’t watched the movie. I’ve been told it’s good. But I hope and pray that the opening scene is as breathtaking as I have imagined it to be…)

Like The Easter Parade, it’s not so much what actually happens, but rather what the characters go through, their feelings and emotions. It’s about their pain, their anguish, their hopes and dreams and desires.

You just gotta love Yates, the way he finds his way into your heart with his characters.

Rating: 4.5


So. That was the last book of 2010. I didn’t quite make it to reading 100 books last year, but to be quite honest, I’m not nearly as disappointed as I thought I would be.

Looking back, I had an amazing first half of the year. I had just graduated, and had all the time in the world to scan the libraries, to lie in bed and just read the whole day. It was reading heaven.

And then after that, I moved back to Malaysia. Life took on a different pace. Now I had to work, to earn my keep, to make a living. Reading had to take a back seat. And then again, libraries in Malaysia are nowhere as well-stocked as those in New Zealand.

But the second half of the year, though not so good in reading, was also an amazing time for me. I went through 3 different jobs, trying to find my place, to find work that I could enjoy and love. Now in 2011, I think I’ve found it, in the form of photography.

Reading will still have to take the backseat for the time being, as I’m juggling one too many jobs at the same time. But reading is supposed to be joyous, not a chore. And so is life.

Books may not be my life, but they definitely enrich it with colours and imagination. I’d never totally give them up. Books still take me where I have never been, they make me explore things I might never have thought of. They teach me wonders, they make me laugh and cry.

So yes, I still don’t have 100 books per year. But 2010 has been a great year for me.

Here’s to a greater 2011 year ahead.


§ 9 Responses to Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates

  • Suko says:

    Su, welcome back! I’m glad that 2010 was a good year for you, which ended on a good note with just the right book. 🙂

  • mee says:

    Michelle, glad to hear from you! Happy belated new year! 100 books is a high goal, I actually read only 35 books last year, but the quality far exceeds the previous years, so I’m a happy reader. I’m going to continue to strive for quality over quantity hereafter. Have you changed job and work in photography now? That’s almost out of nowhere lol.

    Glad to know you liked Revolutionary Road and Richard Yates. Didn’t know you’ve read Easter Parade. I have yet to brace myself for Rev Road. For some reason I cannot fathom I just haven’t got the inclination to pick it up. But maybe now after your review I will :).

    Have a great reading year!

  • Tony says:

    Welcome back! Carry on reading (work is overrated!).

  • JoV says:

    I have been itching to read this one and it sits on my shelf staring at me pleading for me to pick it up. I’ll probably read this and then go watch the movie.

    Glad to hear that the book moves you.

    Good luck with everything this year Michelle, job, reading and all. 😉

  • chasing bawa says:

    I haven’t read anything by Richard Yates yet, although my dad recommended Revolutionary Road. I guess I’d better make sure it’s on my wishlist since you liked it so much;) And I think I’ll wait to see the movie until I’ve read the book.

    I read just under 70 books this year which I thought was pretty good since I’m working as well and can’t seem to organise my time efficiently;P As you said, reading should be pleasurable and your books will always be there for when you need them. It’s good to hear from you!

  • Mark David says:

    I’ve yet only read a few pages of this book, but I have to say that those were some very compelling first pages. It’s just like you said. It’s like I could picture the scene so vividly, and I felt like I could even smell it 🙂

    Anyway, glad to hear you’re still reading and writing my friend!

  • Nish says:

    Glad to see a reading update from you. Yes, reading so easily takes a backseat when life gets in the way.

    I did see the movie Revolutionary Road and loved it. I now just have to find the time to read the book 🙂

  • lubylou12 says:

    I agree reading should be for pleasure, it shouldn’t become a chore. I haven’t read Revoulutionary Road, for some reason it just never appealled to me, but after reading your review I might just have to give it a go.

    What’s on your reading list for 2011?

  • aloi says:

    I sort of took a break too. Congrats! 🙂 And I loved the movie and hope to read the book soon …

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