The Good Body – Eve Ensler

March 4, 2010 § 6 Comments

The crazy thing is he’s always thought I was beautiful, but of course that doesn’t count, I mean, he loves me.

I read that line and couldn’t help but wonder, how many of us feel the same way? We wish and wish that our partners or significant others or even close friends and distant relatives would look at us and see that we are beautiful, but when they do, it takes monstrous effort to believe them.

In The Good Body. Eve Ensler tells it like it is. She takes us on a journey, her journey, to get rid of that tummy of hers which she feels is the size of something huge. She meets with women who have something to complain about some part of their bodies. She tells us their stories. Why do we all feel inadequate? Why do we feel like there’s something we must change? Why are Asian women obsessed with skin-lightening cream? Why are television programmes interrupted with commercials for different diet pills and get-skinny-quick schemes?

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