My Point… And I Do Have One – Ellen DeGeneres

December 19, 2009 § 3 Comments


I am proud of my book. It’s like my child. When you look at the cover, you’ll even see that it looks like me.

I love Ellen. The one time I managed to watch her host the Emmy Awards (I think it was the Emmy, or maybe it was the Academy Awards.. I’m not so sure now..).. Well anyway, the one time I managed to watch her host an award show (that sounds about right, at least I know I can’t get it wrong!), I found her funny and full of charisma. I love people like that.

Her book sounds just like her.

ellen-1My Point… And I Do Have One doesn’t read like the usual non-fiction book. Nor is it a memoir of any kind. It’s just Ellen talking (or rather, writing) and rambling in her usual style.

The chapters are short, and each one comes with a sketch/drawing thing that sort-of summarises what the chapter’s about. Or maybe it’s just a drawing of a quote pulled out of the chapter.

They’re funny, which, Ellen continuously reminds us, is what the book’s all about.


But the book is not only about laughs (which are aplenty). Just as her title suggests, she has a point to make too. There’s  probably only one serious sentence in each chapter (some more, some less..), but she manages to make her point while making you laugh at the same time.

I wonder if the whole message is: it’s ironic, but it’s true.

I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s not earth-shattering, but if it can make me laugh and think at the same time, then I’ll say it’s a good book overall.

Some excerpts I particularly enjoyed:

It’s unfair to be judged by appearences. Even though I don’t wear skirts, I know I’m a girl. Of course, I forget that sometimes. Wait a minute, I should clear that up. I can already see some reviewer singling that quote out. I don’t forget that I’m a girl – I know I’m a girl (I’ve got two x chromosomes and I’m not afraid to use them) – but I think of myself as a human being first, just a person.


The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We can’t be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all there is. If so, we’re in big trouble.


I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls, and they say, “Because it’s such a beautiful animal.” There you go. Well, I think my mother’s attractive, but I have photographs of her. “Wasn’t Mom pretty? She had great legs, too. They’re in the next room, come on.”


We do that because we think that people are staring at us, sensing our inadequacy, noting our flaws, mocking our clumsiness. But perhaps, sadly (though, for the purpose of this book, perhaps not – perhaps humorously instead), nobody is noticing. Everybody is too busy worrying that they look lik idiots to care about you.


Rating: 4


§ 3 Responses to My Point… And I Do Have One – Ellen DeGeneres

  • mee says:

    I like Ellen too! I watch her shows sometimes, when I’m at home in the afternoon. Have you watched Ellen’s speak at Tulane University? It should be somewhere in youtube. Loved that one a lot.

  • Susan says:

    Like Ellen, this book sounds funny, personable, and down-to-earth. Thanks for your review.

  • su says:

    @ mee: I’ve just watched her speech on YouTube. Was definitely good.

    @ Susan: You’ve got that right about Ellen. Love those attributes about her.

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