For One More Day – Mitch Albom

July 12, 2009 § Leave a comment


Wikipedia calls this book a “philosophical novel”. But for me personally, it didn’t matter much to me if it were fiction or otherwise. In fact, the book read like a story-telling session, like someone sitting in front of me and telling me a story. It felt easy, the words flowed like water in a river.

The story is about a certain Charley Benetto who tries to commit suicide after giving up on life, only to get from it a priceless experience of having one more day to spend with his deceased mother. For that one day, he does all the normal things in daily life, like as if his mother never left him. The only difference is his attitude towards his mother.

This book, like “Tuesdays with Morrie” pulls at heartstrings so efficiently and strongly that the emotions follow that of the characters in the story. They are not only fictional characters anymore, but are now, in your mind, real people with real emotions and real experiences. You experience what they experience, and you feel what they feel. That’s how powerful the book is.

I do think, however, that this book is not as strong as “Tuesdays with Morrie”. There were moments in this book that felt like it was written in a hurry, or like Mitch Albom just ran out of things to say. The book in itself is an easy-read, the language used in it simple and easy to understand. This adds to the charm of such a book, as it shows that not all inspiration-driven books have to be chuck full of big words and impossible vocabulary. Indeed, some of the best messages are delivered in the simplest form.

Conclusion: Reading this book makes me take a second look at how I’m treating my own mother and family members, and reminds me that they will not be with me forever. But given the kind of message that it wants to portray, perhaps the story is not strong enough to carry the message through. It’s a book that makes for good reading, but though inspirational, it’s not one to change my whole outset on life.


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