Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde

November 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

It’s a time when the present world we live in is already the past. It’s a time when the systems as we know it are archaic and long gone. It’s a time when colour determines your status in society. Welcome to a world of colours. Welcome, also, to Shades of Grey.

It was a happy accident that I picked this book up at a SUPER book sale some time last month. It’s hardcover, absolutely beautiful, and only cost me RM8. Of course, I also picked up some other books in that same sale, but that’s a story for some other day.

My picking this book to read first, despite my many other new books I’ve gotten this year, was also a rather happy accident. I was cleaning up my room and putting my newly bought books onto my shelf. Had a brief peek into the first page of this book, and I was hooked straight away.

The language was easy flowing, though the concept and story line was anything but. I was just explaining to my partner about this book the other day when I was reading it. The world is so unbelievable, but so believable at the same time. It’s like reading a Murakami, without all the stress and the heaviness that comes with it.

On the contrary, Fforde’s book is light, sprinkled with much humour in his writing. The breeziness actually SHINES through the lines in the pages. It’s like listening to someone talk on the phone, and you know that person is smiling even though you can’t see his/her face.

The story itself, is full of coincidences and complex ideas. Something that doesn’t make sense on page 54 might suddenly explain all that you need to know once you get to page 275.

What are Prefects, and how does one become a Prefect? What does it mean to be a Red, or a Green? We know the colours, but do we really know what they mean?

It’s not a book I’d like to explain about here. It’s not a book that can be explained, even if I wanted to. All I can say, is to be prepared for a fun ride.

On the first page of the book, it said Shades of Grey is the first of three in this series. I was a little frustrated, as I normally don’t like reading books that come in a series. However, when I got to the end, I went online straight away to see when the second part would be out. Tough luck, I think it said 2013.

** I finished this book about 3 weeks ago, and many details have left me, especially since I don’t physically have it with me now as I’m writing this. But rest assured that I was fully entertained.


§ 3 Responses to Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde

  • Kristen M. says:

    I’m glad to see when someone “gets” this book. It’s so fascinating and unique and I can’t wait to re-read it before the next book come out!

  • Mark. says:

    Hi there,

    I’m just curious to find out where do you usually go for those super sales. My grandparents do live in Malaysia, and time to time I visit Malaysia. So I’m so psyched to find out that we could get such good books at those prices! Do enlightenment me! Thank you so much~!

    • Michelle says:

      Super book sales don’t happen very often. The one I went to is called the “Big Bad Book Sale”, which only happens once a year. Otherwise, there are little, if any, other sales that give discounts up to that much. There are also the one off 20-50% discount sales in shopping malls and stuff, but nothing to shout about really.

      (All this is in KL)

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