Coming home

March 21, 2015 § 3 Comments

I started writing this blog when I started borrowing books from the local library. That time, I was still studying in uni, and had enough spare time on my hands to read more than I do today. Then, I simply wanted a place to record some of the thoughts I had of the books I read, a place to pen down my feelings, so that I could at least recall some of the emotions I went through when I read any particular book.

In essence, I simply wanted to remember what books I’ve read, and why I liked, or disliked, any of them.

It’s been six months, at least, since my last post on this blog. Again, like many times before, it’s not as if I haven’t read anything since. Nor does it mean I’ve not read anything that tickled my fancy.

I’ve read some, and I’ve always made a mental note to blog about them, but the urgency was just never there. I’d put it off till after I finished writing something else, or until I finished a certain job, or until I had enough time, or until after I cleaned up the house. There was always something else I had to do first, and by the time I finished that, I’d have something else to do.

There was always this endless stream of “other things to do”, and after a while, the book would just slip my mind. I’d pick another book to read, and the same thing would happen once I finished it. I’d think of blogging, but that would always be as far as I ever got.

Six months doesn’t seem like a long time, but it is. It’s half of a year, and how much we can all do with half a year. How many things we could have achieved, how many places we could have travelled, how many books we could have read.

Today, I came back here, because I had no where else to go. It’s almost like coming home, this blog. I come here to read some of my older thoughts on books I’ve almost nearly forgotten. I come here to find a little of myself, little pieces of me that I’ve left behind. I come here and realise that I miss this space, and I miss that part of me that found such solace in typing out the thoughts in my head.

I really do think I’d like to come home more often. I hope I will.


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