Currently Reading: Nasrin and Roth

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been reading Taslima Nasrin’s Shame for much too long. It’s been lingering at by bedside for more than a month now, and still I haven’t even gone past the halfway mark.

I can’t say that it’s unreadable, or that it’s not good. It’s one of those banned books about the religious clashes in Bangladesh in the 1990s. There were two main reasons why I chose to buy this book. One, because it’s categorised as a “banned book”. Second, because it’s about religious clashes in a part of the world that I had really wanted to know about.

Much of the book, or what I’ve read of it so far, is really a recounting of the events during the clash. Which temples got raided, which families were traumatised, which women were raped. And it does get a little dry after awhile, because the book then starts to read like a history book.

But I’ve read somewhere that it gets better, and the story part of this book will really come into action. So I’m still keen to finish the book. Only I wish I could just pick it up and start reading it again.

As for Roth, well. Since coming back from the last book sale I talked about, I’ve been casually picking the books up and just fanning through the pages. Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, though, has insisted that I read it first, so now it’s next to my bed too. I haven’t gotten very far with it either, but I find Roth’s writing quite interesting.

The book is written like a monologue, and it definitely reads like one. It’s very straightforward, a little in-your-face. I like it.

I’m poised for some surprises down the line with this book.


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