New buddies

August 9, 2012 § 9 Comments

I’ve got new books! All for under RM50! (One of these books normally cost around RM40 at least – some even go for more than RM70, so that’s a pretty good deal, I’d say!)

Of the six, I’ve read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas before, but I really loved the book, and for such a good price, I thought I’d buy it for keepsake, and for re-reads too.

I got Homer’s The Odyssey because I’ve had people tell me that it’s awesome. I almost didn’t buy it really, because it’s not written in normal English. But I read a couple of pages, and it seems that I actually can get the hang of it, surprisingly! That, and because it’s a Vintage, which I love.

In the Shadow of the Master is a collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, plus short essays by various authors about how Poe influenced them. I’ve been interested to see what Poe’s all about for some time now, so this is as good a time as any.

Philip Roth, too, is another author I’ve been meaning to get to know, simply because I seem to see his name everywhere. Again, the first couple of pages really seemed to draw me in, so I picked that up too.

As for The Weight of Heaven and The Bad News Bible, I think I really just threw them in for a bit of variety. I seriously need to read more authors than the ones I’m already familiar with.

So anyway, new books!

(Did you notice how they’re all red and yellow and orange in shade? Except for Roth, that is.)


§ 9 Responses to New buddies

  • JoV says:

    It is super amazing to get all those for RM50 Michelle! (I know how expensive books are in Malaysia). I organised my books by the spine colours before here: and my books have grown and it is still the ones with warm colours, red, amber and yellow which seems to be the most common. 😉

  • michelle says:

    Great bounty! Were there any other Vintage titles available besides the Homer’s?
    Happy reading….

    • Michelle says:

      There were some, but not many. And they were hidden amongst the many other books.

      Do you love Vintage like I do, too? They’re beautiful, aren’t they? I was so tempted to get Murakami’s The Wind up Bird Chronicle in this red Vintage cover, but since I already have the white one…

  • michelle says:

    Yes, I do love Vintage editions, too. Two of my favourite Vintage covers are George Eliot’s Middlemarch and A.S Byatt’s Possession, which were packaged together as a limited edition twin pack when I got them for the price of one. Have you seen those? Really beautiful.
    You should be commended for your good self-restraint on the Murakami. Recently, I gave in and bought a paperback copy of The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters when I already have another edition of the book in hardcover. But since it was the edition I had originally wanted, and reading the chunkster in paperback would be more comfy than a hardcover….. yeah, the deed was done. I think the deciding factor though, was that it was only around RM5! 🙂

  • mee says:

    Ooh I’m 10 pages left for Portnoy’s Complaint! (which I have neglected for a while now)

    Reading your comment above reminded me that I have two copies of the Wind up Bird Chronicle: one vintage and one the white series, because I wanted more people to read it and one copy wasn’t enough! Then on day I saw a Murakami box set, which I was so tempted to get, but there’s another Wind up Bird copy there, and I though I am NOT going to have 3 copies of the Wind up Bird! So I didn’t buy it at the end lol.

    • Michelle says:

      Oh! And I just started Portnoy’s Complaint. Did you like it? It’s a little wordy, but so far it’s looking good!

      And I so know what you mean. About getting more Murakami books than we possibly need. But really, you didn’t buy the boxset because of Wind up Bird?! Oh my, you’re quite disciplined, then! When I got my boxset, I found myself with two exact copies of After Dark, so one of it went into the post, and into your home! =)

  • sakura says:

    Love the colour scheme:) I’ve also been curious about Roth for a while now but haven’t read anything by him. I did see the film version of A Human Stain though which was interesting.

    • Michelle says:

      I love the colour scheme too. Most of my things are orange these days. It’s weirdly funny. =)

      I Google-d Roth a couple of days ago, and apparently Portnoy’s Complaint was the book that made him a household name! Makes me think I got the right book.

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