Honest Scrap Meme

January 6, 2010 § 5 Comments

I’ve been tagged by anothercookiecrumbles for this “Honest Scrap” meme. This is possibly my first meme of book blogging, and so I thought, why not?

The rules are:

a. ‘The Honest Scrap Blogger Award’ must be shared.

b. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows

c. The recipient has to pass on the award to 7 more bloggers.

d. Those 7 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them

So what 10 bookish things can I tell?

  1. When I was really little, we didn’t buy books at home. So I had to entertain myself by reading any book that could be found on the shelves, including Reader’s Digest (remember, I was little!) and decaying copies of Shakespeare which I never understood.
  2. The only books we bought were dictionaries, and my favouritest dictionary so far is the Chambers Encyclopedic English Dictionary.
  3. I actually read dictionaries sometimes. Like flick and choose a page, and start reading all the words and meanings until I get fed-up.
  4. And that’s basically how I self-learnt how to read and write Mandarin: by reading the Chinese-English dictionary.
  5. I own the entire Detective Conan (in America I think they call it “Case Closed“) manga series, and still counting. (They’re in Mandarin, my second tool for learning Mandarin..)
  6. I like sitting in corners, all curled up, when I read. Sometimes my mum says I’m hiding from her, or trying to hide the fact that I’m reading yet again.
  7. I don’t usually buy books at all, just never developed the habit (see #1). But I’ve bought a little more than 20 books in the past 3 months… I’ve got to learn some self-control..
  8. All of us at home are readers, myself being the most indulgent. It’s not an odd sight to see us all sitting in the living area, each holding a book. (My dad: non-fiction; my mum: romance; my younger sister: graphic novel; my younger brother: fantasy/sci-fi; myself: ?)
  9. I can’t tell one genre from another. Seriously. I only have two categories: good, and not-s0-good, with many shades between them.
  10. I’m hoping to be able to make a living out of this one day. This, meaning, my love of words and books. I’d love to write for life.

So there you have it. 10 bookish things about me, that you probably didn’t know before reading this. A little glimpse of me, if you will. Teehee..

Who am I tagging?

Absorbed in Words
Black-Eyed Susan’s
Books of Mee
Chasing Bawa
Dolce Bellezza
Sasha and the Silverfish
The Reading Life

I hope you join. =)


§ 5 Responses to Honest Scrap Meme

  • Oh! It was fun reading your meme. I used to read the dictionary as well… my mum looked at me really funny when she found out about that. Same goes for your sixth point – I normally was trying to hide from her, just so that I wouldn’t have to run an errand while being absorbed in a good book!

    Best of luck on No. 10. 🙂 It would be fantastic if it did!

  • Bellezza says:

    I loved reading all the background on your ‘reading life’. We didn’t buy many books, either, being very careful with money when I was growing up. In fact, I remember being very ashamed whenever I had an overdue library book and had to ask my mother for the money to pay the fine. I want to get back to the habit of going to the library instead of the bookstore; it’s time to not only save money, but save shelf space! I like the image of all of you reading together; I dearly wish my husband enjoyed reading as much as I do. We have many commonalities, but not that. At least my son loves to read, and I have my blogger friends such as you!

  • su says:

    @ anothercookie: Ah! Feels so good to know that someone else out there reads dictionaries! *I’m not alone*. =)

    @ Bellezza: I know what you mean about saving money and shelf space. Books have taken over my shelves (they used to be full of modelling materials, which have since been moved to occupy a big cardboard box..)

    It’s always great to know people who share the same passions as we do. I look forward to learning a bit more about you.

  • mee says:

    I own the entire series of Detective Conan as well! Muahahaa. (Mine in Indonesian 🙂 Yours is so fun to read. I’ll think about what I would post for mine.

  • su says:

    @ mee: It looks like we do share quite a lot of similar tastes! So far, I’ve met no one who has the entire series of Detective Conan! Fun!!

    Looking forward to your post.

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