Japanese Literature Challenge 3

July 31, 2009 § 4 Comments

japlit3I was so excited a few days ago when I found out about this challenge. I’ve been wanting to explore Japanese Literature for so long, and now with this challenge, not only will I be completely motivated, I’m also going to be getting fantastic suggestions about what other books are out there, all nicely placed on shelves ready for me to devour!

I don’t have a list yet, and there are already SEVEN Murakami books that I’m planning to read in my TBR List. Rest assured that they’re not going to be the only ones though, because I’m really looking forward to reading other Japanese authors too!

If anyone would like to leave me a comment on some suggestions on books they’ve enjoyed, I’m sure I can get an endless list for this challenge.

So, let’s make this happen!


*PS: I’ll be adding the button in later today, or during the weekend. My computer broke down, and I’m using the computers at my uni right now.. Will put up a list of books later as well, just as soon as I get my uni activities and classes sorted out. So bear with me!


I’ll be adding to this post the books that I’ve read and reviewed for this challenge as I go along. Books read and reviewed by other bloggers can be accessed HERE.

  1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami ..[thoughts]
  2. after the quake – Haruki Murakami ..[thoughts]
  3. A Pale View of Hills – Kazuo Ishiguro ..[thoughts]
  4. Sputnik Sweetheart – Haruki Murakami ..[thoughts]
  5. Almost Transparent Blue – Ryu Murakami ..[thoughts]
  6. Nocturnes – Kazuo Ishiguro ..[thoughts]
  7. After Dark – Haruki Murakami ..[thoughts]
  8. N.P. – Banana Yoshimoto ..[thoughts]
  9. Shadow Family – Miyuki Miyabe ..[thoughts]
  10. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami ..[thoughts]
  11. The Old Capital – Yasunari Kawabata ..[thoughts]
  12. Kinshu: Autumn Brocade – Teru Miyamoto ..[thoughts]

§ 4 Responses to Japanese Literature Challenge 3

  • Carl V. says:

    If you’ve got seven Murakami books in your tbr pile, you certainly don’t need any suggestions from me…you’ve got some wonderful experiences ahead of you. Your enthusiasm is infectious, I’m glad you are joining in and I look forward to your thoughts on Murakami or anything else you read.

  • Mark David says:

    That’s a lot of Murakami! I’d love to discuss those books with you when I get to read them as well… Happy reading! 🙂

  • claire says:

    Hi Michelle! Thanks to the Jap Lit challenge I discovered your blog. There are indeed so many great Japanese authors and this is the perfect time to be motivated to read them. Good luck to us!

    • su says:

      @ Carl: I’m looking forward to reading books by other Japanese authors, really. So other than Murakami, which I’m bound to read and enjoy, any other suggestions would be awesome. I’ll be visiting the blogs often to catch up on what others are reading. And your blog is definitely on my list of “to be visited” blogs.

      @ Mark David: A lot, but definitely not too much. I’m looking forward to those discussions in the (near?) future!

      @ Claire: Good luck to both of us!
      ps: Isn’t it great how we discover new blogs through challenges like these? 🙂

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