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January 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

About the space

su[shu], or 舒[书], is a space that I’m designating for myself and the books that I read. This space is mainly for my thoughts on the books that I read, or the books that I plan to read. It’s a space for me to stretch the limits of my mind to where there are no boundaries, to a place where infinite possibilities present themselves to me through the world, or rather, realm of the written word.

My aim is to read at least 30 books a year. It’s a rather low figure, so the real aim is somewhere in between 30-50. Ultimately, a book a week is a good and steady flow. So this is where I’m going to be keeping a record.


About su[shu]

Well, it’s actually made up of two parts, {su}, and {shu}.

The first part, su, has a significant role in my name. The chinese character assigned to this syllable is 舒, which means ‘comfort’.

The second part, shu, is the phonetic spelling for the chinese word 书, which means book.

So putting these two favourite words of mine together, we get su[shu], or 舒[书]. Literally meaning comfort books, which I think describes in no uncertain terms how I feel about reading. It could also mean su’s books, which also describes in no uncertain terms what this space is about.

Besides, su[shu] is a fun word to pronounce! And we should all have at least some fun some times, if not all of the time.


About the space occupant

Other than ‘su’, I also go by the name ‘Michelle’.

I like reading. A lot. And my love for books borders on obsession. (Just thought I’d let you know..)

I read almost any kind of book, fiction or non-fiction. I probably don’t do much of science fiction or romance, but I’d definitely give them the time of day if there were good recommendations. I tend to enjoy most of the books I read. Rare is it that a book completely turns me off, but those rare moments do happen. Rarely.

So then, how do I go about choosing books? My pet criteria: Interesting title. It’s got to have at least that. It’s like browsing the books on any given bookshelf, and that one title that bounces off the shelf and gives you a jolt. That’s the one.


About Michelle

I’m a 23-year-old fresh graduate from Architecture school.

I like: reading, writing, reading, handicraft, music (I occasionally play the piano), writing, a weekly game of badminton.. Did I mention reading and writing?

I used to say that I’m rather anti-social, but my friends have other ideas. So I’ve decided, I’m not that anti-social after all. I’m just a little.. what they would call, introverted. And I tend to think a lot. I enjoy nice quiet alone-time, sitting by a window, or on the veranda, just enjoying the wind and subtle sounds of nature.

So I’m a nature person too.

But all in all, I’m just a girl who’s passionate about reading, and about her home country, Malaysia. I’m a proud, reading Malaysian.


About getting in touch

I can be contacted at mich_yms[at]hotmail[dot]com.

I love getting emails, be they about my thoughts, your thoughts, suggestions of books, requests for reviews, intentions to send millions of books to me.. just about anything. So please don’t hesitate to send me one!



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